Characterizing Good Review Practices: A Survey Report Among Agencies of APEC Member Economies

Li Ling Liu, Neil McAuslane, Meir Chyun Tzou, Herng Der Chern, Lawrence Liberti, Mike Ward, Jaw Jou Kang*


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As a first step in the implementation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Best Regulatory Practice Project, the Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science conducted a gap analysis survey among regulatory agencies of 14 APEC member economies to assess the current use of good review practices (GRevP) to support transparent, consistent, predictable, and good-quality regulatory decision making. Although the majority of responding agencies have established some form of GRevP, most practices are currently evolving and are applied on an informal basis. Most agencies have developed standard operating procedures and guidelines and use a variety of training methods. The use of a common approach to regulatory review across jurisdictions would help build trust and confidence in each agency's processes, setting the stage for the possibility of work sharing across resource-constrained agencies and bringing consistency and transparency to the review process.

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期刊Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science
出版狀態Published - 11月 2013


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