Characterization of restriction endonuclease maps of hepatitis B viral DNAS

Szecheng J. Lo*, Yan-Hwa Wu Lee, Jang Shing Chiou, Ling Pai Ting, Wu Tse Liu, Kong Bung Choo


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The HBV DNA isolated from Dane particles of 9 patients plasm was cloned into the EcoRI or BamHI site of the pUC8 plasmids containing plasmids with full length HBV DNA and four plasmids containing the HBV surface antigen gene were obtained. Based on our cloned HBV DNA and a comparison with 7 complete sequences and 5 restriction endonuclease patterns of HBV DNA published by others, we can recognize common restriction sites shared by different subtypes (adw, adr, ayw, and adyw): (1) a HincII site in the S gene, (2) a BamHI site in the X region, and (3) two BglII sites in the C gene. In addition adw has specific sites for HincII, BamHI, and PstI in the pre-S region. A unique XhoI site is present in the pre-S region in all subtypes except for adw.

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期刊Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
出版狀態Published - 28 6月 1985


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