Characteristics of Poly-Si Junctionless FinFETs with HfZrO Using Forming Gas Annealing

Sheng Ti Chung, Yao Jen Lee*, Tien Sheng Chao


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In this study, an effective method was proposed to enhance the current drivability of junctionless field-effect transistors (JL-FETs) by utilizing ferroelectric effects. The ferroelectric layers were deposited on JL-FinFETs. The poly-Si junctionless FinFETs (JL-FinFETs) with HfZrO were successfully fabricated and demonstrated. The subthreshold slope (S.S.) of JL-FinFETs with HfZrO was very sensitive to post-metal annealing (PMA) conditions and fin width. With PMA at 700 °C, steeper S.S. and Ion/Ioff>107 could be obtained owing to the ferroelectric effect. JL-FinFETs with PMA at 700 °C possessed lower Ioff and offered the promise of higher integration flexibility for Si CMOS compatible process for future applications. Besides, the JL-FinFETs with forming gas annealing (FGA) had a small hysteresis and achieved the improved S.S.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2020


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