CampusTalk: IoT Devices and Their Interesting Features on Campus Applications

Yi-Bing Lin*, Li Kuan Chen, Min-Zheng Shieh, Yun-Wei Lin, Tai Hsiang Yen


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Internet of Things (IoT) allows interactive learning of students by inspiring their innovation everywhere on the campus. This paper proposes CampusTalk that provides convenient access to cyber and physical devices through the web technology. In this way, the campus applications can be accessed anywhere in the world through any computing device with a display and a browser without installing any mobile app. CampusTalk unifies the concepts of automatic creation of 'mirror device features' (simulated counterpart) and talkPal device features, which are nicely demonstrated through several applications on campus. The core application of CampusTalk is SmartPhoneTalk that allows other applications to be accessed by students through their smartphones without installing any mobile apps. We describe three CampusTalk applications, including MusicTalk, PingPongTalk, and SkeletonTalk, to demonstrate cyber and physical interaction with SmartPhoneTalk. After the IoT devices of these applications have been developed and are accommodated in CampusTalk, the students can use the CampusTalk GUI to connect them with various combinations for innovative applications without extra programming effort.

原文American English
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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 1 5月 2018


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