Building an Intelligent Assisted Instructional Design System

Shian-Shyong Tseng, Jun-ming Su, Huan-yu Lin

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With the rapid growth of Internet, E-learning systems have become more and more popular because they can enable learners to study at any time and any location, so the need of learning resources and instructional design is also increasing rapidly. Many international standards have been proposed to model the structures and guiding rules of learning activities for the purpose of sharing and reusing. However, there are still no effective models to describe complex instructional design knowledge, and the effective authoring systems of instructional design and learning content navigating sequence are also required. Moreover, without an intelligent knowledge management scheme, the huge amount of learning resources will confuse the teachers in learning activity design. It implies that how to visualise and integrate the heterogeneous instructional design and navigating sequence knowledge in a learning platform becomes an important issue. Therefore, the author proposes an Intelligent Assisted Instructional Design System (IAIDS), which is an instructional design expert system consisting of Knowledge Representation (KR) module to model the instructional design graphically, knowledge acquisition (KA) module to assist teachers to edit instructional design and navigating sequence efficiently, Knowledge Management (KM) module to support teachers to manage and retrieve learning contents in repositories, and Knowledge Inference (KI) module to display the learning activity in a portable and modifiable platform.
發行者Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
出版狀態Published - 10 9月 2008


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