Bsim4 and mosfet modeling for ic simulation

Weidong Liu, Chenming Hu

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This book presents the art of advanced MOSFET modeling for integrated circuit simulation and design. It provides the essential mathematical and physical analyses of all the electrical, mechanical and thermal effects in MOS transistors relevant to the operation of integrated circuits. Particular emphasis is placed on how the BSIM model evolved into the first ever industry standard SPICE MOSFET model for circuit simulation and CMOS technology development. The discussion covers the theory and methodology of how a MOSFET model, or semiconductor device models in general, can be implemented to be robust and efficient, turning device physics theory into a production-worthy SPICE simulation model. Special attention is paid to MOSFET characterization and model parameter extraction methodologies, making the book particularly useful for those interested or already engaged in work in the areas of semiconductor devices, compact modeling for SPICE simulation, and integrated circuit design.

發行者World Scientific Publishing Co.
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2011


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