Broadband titanium nitride disordered metasurface absorbers

Chun Chieh Chang, Shin Chun Kuo, Hsyi En Cheng, Hou Tong Chen, Zu Po Yang

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We experimentally demonstrate titanium nitride (TiN) broadband metasurface perfect absorbers by conformally coating plasmonic TiN films onto disordered anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) nanotemplates. The disordered metasurface absorbers exhibit polarization-insensitive and weak angle-dependent perfect absorption over the entire visible and near-infrared spectral regions (300 < γ < 2500 nm). We show from experimental results and numerical simulations that the light scattering induced by the strong disorder of the AAO nanopores and the strong absorption of the TiN deposited on their sidewall are of critical importance for achieving broadband perfect absorption. The TiN disordered metasurface perfect absorbers are superior to many other types of broadband perfect absorbers previously reported and are more suitable for practical applications especially in harsh environments. The device concept for broadband perfect absorption based on plasmonic metal-nitride film coated disordered dielectric media could potentially be extended to significantly enhance the efficiency of solar energy harvesting and the performance of hot-carrier based optoelectronics.;Copy;2021 Optica Publishing Group.

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期刊Optics Express
出版狀態Published - 20 12月 2021


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