Bayesian procedure for process capability assessment

Jyh Jen Horng Shiau, Chun Ta Chiang, Hui-Nien Hung

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The usual practice of judging process capability by evaluating point estimates of some process capability indices has a flaw that there is no assessment on the error distributions of these estimates. However, the distributions of these estimates are usually so complicated that it is very difficult to obtain good interval estimates. In this paper we adopt a Bayesian approach to obtain an interval estimation, particularly for the index Cpm. The posterior probability p that the process under investigation is capable is derived; then the credible interval, a Bayesian analogue of the classical confidence interval, can be obtained. We claim that the process is capable if all the points in the credible interval are greater than the pre-specified capability level ω, say 1.33.

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期刊Quality and Reliability Engineering International
出版狀態Published - 9月 1999


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