Asymptotic optimality in Byzantine distributed quickest change detection

Yu-Chih Huang, Yu Jui Huang, Shih Chun Lin*


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The Byzantine distributed quickest change detection (BDQCD) is studied, where a fusion center monitors the occurrence of an abrupt event through a bunch of distributed sensors that may be compromised. We first consider the binary hypothesis case where there is only one post-change hypothesis and prove a novel converse to the first-order asymptotic detection delay in the large mean time to a false alarm regime. This converse is tight in that it coincides with the currently best achievability shown by Fellouris et al.; hence, the optimal asymptotic performance of binary BDQCD is characterized. An important implication of this result is that, even with compromised sensors, a 1-bit link between each sensor and the fusion center suffices to achieve asymptotic optimality. To accommodate multiple post-change hypotheses, we then formulate the multi-hypothesis BDQCD problem and again investigate the optimal first-order performance under different bandwidth constraints. A converse is first obtained by extending our converse from binary to multi-hypothesis BDQCD. Two families of stopping rules, namely the simultaneous d-th alarm and the multi-shot d-th alarm, are then proposed. Under sufficient link bandwidth, the simultaneous d-th alarm, with d being set to the number of honest sensors, can achieve the asymptotic performance that coincides with the derived converse bound; hence, the asymptotically optimal performance of multi-hypothesis BDQCD is again characterized. Moreover, although being shown to be asymptotically optimal only for some special cases, the multi-shot d-th alarm is much more bandwidth-efficient and energy-efficient than the simultaneous d-th alarm. Built upon the above success in characterizing the asymptotic optimality of the BDQCD, a corresponding leader-follower Stackelberg game is formulated and its solution is found.
原文American English
頁(從 - 到)5942-5962
期刊IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
出版狀態Published - 9月 2021


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