ArduTalk: An arduino network application development platform based on Iottalk

Yun-Wei Lin, Yi-Bing Lin*, Ming Ta Yang, Jun Han Lin


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Several tools provide popular solutions for creating innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications on single Arduino board. However, interactions among multiple Arduino boards need significant effort to be established. This paper proposes Arduino-IoTtalk (ArduTalk), a graphical user interface (GUI)-based platform aims to develop IoT network applications for interaction among multiple Arduino boards. ArduTalk utilizes IoTtalk, an IoT device management platform for quickly establishing connections and meaningful interactions between IoT devices without concerning the lower layer communication protocols. In this paper, the IoTtalk GUI has been significantly enhanced for ArduTalk. By integrating Arduino with the enhanced IoTtalk, ArduTalk allows a user to arbitrarily link and relink sensors to actuators without or with little programming effort, and quickly generate Arduino applications for different purposes. We conduct measurements to investigate the time complexity for data delivery among multiple Arduino boards, and propose a damping mechanism to address the fairness issue caused by the discrepancies between local and remote delays among the Arduino boards.

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期刊IEEE Systems Journal
出版狀態Published - 3月 2019


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