Applicability study of a slope motion monitor using video motion detection technology

Shu Min Hu, Ming Yuan Chen, Chia Ming Lo*


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This study primarily investigates the applicability of video motion detection (VMD) technology for detecting side-slope movement. This technology involves using an economical high-resolution camera to instantly record activities, such as side-slope sliding, toppling, and movement. Concurrently, sum of absolute differences (SAD) analysis was combined with the threshold value to assess the side-slope surface movement. The physical modeling detection results showed that the VMD technology instantly detects side-slope tension crack development, rock deformation, and the location of collapsing surfaces, thereby effectively improving the effectiveness of alarms before and during disasters. Actual landslide case analysis shows that dip-slope movement is detected through gradual expansion of initial slanted rectangular red blocks and instant magnification following the block expansion on the ground level. The monitoring mechanism of VDM technology for detecting the speed and movement of debris flow can be used as a reference in disaster prevention and evacuations of people living in downstream areas. Furthermore, this study generalizes the limitations of VMD technology. These generalizations can be used as a reference for future slope surface movement monitoring and related studies.

頁(從 - 到)27-35
期刊Journal of Chinese Soil and Water Conservation
出版狀態Published - 3月 2014


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