Analysis of Travel Characteristics and Trip Generation in an Aging City: A Case Study of Macao

Nim Ieng Cheung, Hsu Sheng Hsieh*, Ka Io Wong, Weng Keong Ku


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The transition from an aging society to an aged one is occurring in Macao with increasing concerns in the travel demand of seniors. The travel behavior of seniors differs significantly from those of the travelers of other ages, but the current practice of transportation planning, however, does not address the problem and mobility needs of different age groups. This paper aims to investigate the determinants of trip generation of Macao residents among the senior and non-senior groups using trip generation models. We further explore the trip generation and its determinants for the seniors at different age groups. The Household Travel Characteristic Survey data in Macao are analyzed, and an ordered probit model is applied to build trip generation models of different ages with distinct trip types. The results reveal that the determinants of resident trip generation consist of household, individual, and land use characteristics. It is found that the key determinants on the similarities and dissimilarities in the trip generation of different ages with distinct trip types are: (i) for household characteristics, compared to non-seniors, the number of senior non-working trips is not inclined to increase with owning private modes in the household; (ii) for individual characteristics, physical disability relatively has a negative impact on total trip generation for seniors; and (iii) for land use characteristics, senior working trips and non-working trips are inclined to decrease with high population density, but meanwhile, senior non-working trips is inclined to increase with highly mixed land use. The results infer that walkability should be considered as a priority in the urban design in Macao to provide a friendly walking environment to the seniors. The findings of this study could provide insights for the decision makers in formulating the urban and transportation policy for seniors in preparing for an aging society.

頁(從 - 到)61-88
期刊Journal of Architecture and Planning
出版狀態Published - 2020


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