Analysis of Facial Skeletal Characteristics in Patients With Chin Deviation

Jenny Hwai Jen Fong, Ho Tai Wu, Ming Chu Huang, Yu Wei Chou, Lin Yang Chi, Yao Fong, Shou Yen Kao*


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Background: This study was undertaken to investigate the facial skeletal features associated with chin deviation. Methods: Twenty-five patients (14 males and 11 females) diagnosed with chin deviations of more than 2 mm were recruited. Fifteen skeletal landmarks, including median and lateral points, were located on posteroanterior cephalo-grams. The CG-ANS (crista-galli of the ethmoid-anterior nasal spine) line and the perpendicular line through the CG were used as references. The differences between the distances from paired lateral points to reference lines were examined with intraclass correlation coefficients to analyze the symmetry of facial skeletal tissue. The factors associated with the amount or direction of chin deviation were analyzed by multiple regression analysis or by logistic regression analysis. Results: Seventeen subjects (68%) showed chin deviation to the left side and 8 subjects (32%) to the right side. Sixty-eight percent of subjects presented with Angle Class III malocclusion. Horizontal distances of all paired lateral points to the y-axis, in mandibular body length and effective length, showed a low grade of symmetry. Only vertical distances of paired zygomaticofrontal sutures and zygonion points to the x-axis were asymmetric. However, there were no significant asymmetries of the gonial angle, ramus height, and vertical distances from other paired lateral points to the x-axis. The amount of chin deviation was associated with the absolute differences of the left and right antegonion to the y-axis and zygomaticofrontal suture to the x-axis. The direction of chin deviation was significantly associated with the difference in the effective length of bilateral mandibular halves. Conclusion: Facial skeletal asymmetry exists in patients with chin deviation. This should be considered when planning treatment for both the nonsurgical and surgico-orthodontic cases with chin deviation.

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期刊Journal of the Chinese Medical Association
出版狀態Published - 1月 2010


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