An energy and cost efficient WDM/OFDMA PON system: Design and demonstration

Maria C. Yuang, Dar Zu Hsu, Po-Lung Tien, Hsing Yu Chen, Chia Chien Wei, Shin Hao Chen, Jye-Hong Chen

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In this paper, we propose an energy and cost efficient WDM/OFDMA PON system, referred to as NEWOPS. Based on a new two-tiered semi-tree architecture, NEWOPS allows a large number of ONUs to be connected to OLT using only a handful of colorless transceivers. Due to the architecture, NEWOPS not only facilitates high spectral efficiency and flexible sub-channel bandwidth allocation, but also reduces the Rayleigh backscattering (RB) problem and achieves high energy and cost efficiency. Experimental results demonstrate that, taking only 5-GHz bandwidth for each wavelength, NEWOPS successfully achieves 20-Gb/s downstream and 10-Gb/s upstream OFDM-xQAM transmissions via the same fiber trunk. We depict that, to support 40 ONUs for example, NEWOPS achieves energy efficiency that is three to six times higher than that of a typical 10-Gb/s WDM/OFDM PON.

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期刊Journal of Lightwave Technology
出版狀態Published - 8 8月 2013


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