An efficient mobile-agent-based platform for dynamic service provisioning in 3G/UMTS

Yuan Lin Ko*, Kuo-Chen Wang, Hung Cheng Shih


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An important key concept of the Virtual Home Environment (VHE) is dynamicservice provisioning. In 3G/B3G, the mobile network will have such a capability. Theusers can dynamically subscribe new services anytime, and the system operator or serviceprovider can dynamically provide services to subscribed users immediately. Based on theUMTS CAMEL (Customized Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic) architecture, wepropose an efficient mobile-agent-based platform to provide services dynamically, whichcan greatly reduce signaling traffic. To demonstrate the efficiency of our platform, weused the operations of incoming and outgoing calls to illustrate the operation of mobileagents. In an existing approach, a CORBA agent-based platform was deployed in adistributed processing environment, and it requires a standard, OMG Mobile AgentSystem Interoperability Facility (MASIF), to be interoperable between agentenvironments of different vendors or operators. However, there are some problems in thisapproach, such as problems in the aspects of security and performance. Analysis resultshave shown that the signaling traffic in our CAMEL mobile-agent-based platform can bereduced 40% compared to that in the CORBA agent-based platform. Our platform canprovide efficient mobility management, and enhance network performance, security andinteroperability.

主出版物標題Agent-Based Computing
發行者Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
出版狀態Published - 1 12月 2012


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