An adaptive content based H.264/AVC rate control in low bit rate video

Fu-Chuang Chen, Yi Pin Hsu*


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In this paper, we analyze a rate control formula, which is Laplacian based model, then propose a content based equation for an enhanced JVT-G012 algorithm. Based on the simple and fast characteristics of the JVT-G012 algorithm, which is very suitable for real time embedded systems, we integrate the equation into the JVT-G012 algorithm to create an efficient quantizer. However, active local motion will produce error distortion and influence the determination of the quantization parameter. To solve this problem, a modified histogram based detector is proposed. Combining this detector with the equation refines the predicted quantization parameter more precisely. It is shown both theoretically and experimentally that a well-designed quantizer not only improves video quality, but also maintains the designed bit rate budget. In addition, our algorithm can achieve superior results to existing algorithms-up to 0.72 dB without large computation loading.

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期刊AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications
出版狀態Published - 1 6月 2011


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