A Turn-Ratio-Changing Half-Bridge CLLC DC–DC Bidirectional Battery Charger Using a GaN HEMT

Yueh Tsung Shieh, Chih Chiang Wu, Shyr Long Jeng, Ching Yao Liu, Shiang Yu Hsieh, Chi Chun Haung, Wen Yuh Shieh, Wei Hua Chieng*, Edward Yi Chang


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This paper presents a 250 kHz bidirectional battery charger circuit using a GaN HEMT. The charger is subjected to a high-/low-side constant voltage at 200 V/20 V. The charger circuit is a hybrid of the LLC and flyback circuit topologies. Both the power output analysis and efficiency control of this circuit are simplified when the magnetization current is minimized using the low-resistance GaN HEMT. The switching frequency is controlled to match the series resonance in a way that is analogous to conventional LLC circuit controls, while the duty ratio that determines the power output and the dead time, which determines the zero voltage switching, is controlled in an analogous manner to the flyback circuit control. The charging and discharging modes were altered by applying a double-throw relay that changes the transformer turn ratio, which is different from conventional LLC designs using the switching frequency adjustment. A nominal turn ratio with Np = 35 and Ns = 3.5 for a 200 V/20 V converter can only produce an internal series resonance with no current flowing in any charging direction. The proposed circuit using a transformer with multiple windings (Np = 35, Ns,F = 4, and Ns,R = 3) was fabricated to deliver 125 W output power from the power grid battery to the vehicle battery in the forward (charging) mode and 90 W in the reverse (discharging) mode. The conversion efficiency was calculated to be as high as 97% in the forward mode and 95% in the reverse mode. The high conversion efficiency is due to the characteristics of the GaN HEMT, including low resistive and switching losses. The equations derived in this paper associate these losses with the series resonant frequency and power conversion rate, which highlight the advantages of using a GaN HEMT in this CLLC design.

出版狀態Published - 8月 2023


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