A survey on cloud gaming: Future of computer games

Wei Cai, Ryan Shea, Chun-Ying Huang, Kuan Ta Chen, Jiangchuan Liu, Victor C.M. Leung, Cheng Hsin Hsu*


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Cloud gaming is a new way to deliver high-quality gaming experience to gamers anywhere and anytime. In cloud gaming, sophisticated game software runs on powerful servers in data centers, rendered game scenes are streamed to gamers over the Internet in real time, and the gamers use light-weight software executed on heterogeneous devices to interact with the games. Due to the proliferation of high-speed networks and cloud computing, cloud gaming has attracted tremendous attentions in both the academia and industry since late 2000's. In this paper, we survey the latest cloud gaming research from different aspects, spanning over cloud gaming platforms, optimization techniques, and commercial cloud gaming services. The readers will gain the overview of cloud gaming research and get familiar with the recent developments in this area.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2016


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