A social fundraising mechanism for charity crowdfunding

Yung Ming Li*, Jhih Dong Wu, Chin Yu Hsieh, Jyh Hwa Liou


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In recent years, as the world has witnessed many social issues and environmental disasters, philanthropic giving has become widespread. Today, crowdfunding platforms have also become popular, and charities often use these to fundraise. However, they rarely utilize the power of social networking to assist a fundraiser in discovering potential donors, and this is especially true for small organizations and individuals. In this research, we propose a recommendation mechanism for social fundraising that analyzes the donor's preferences, the relationship between the donor and fundraiser, and the characteristics of the fundraising dynamics to promote the spread of philanthropic fundraising. The proposed mechanism can effectively discover appropriate donors and relevant campaigns to expedite the fundraising process and improve its success rate.

期刊Decision Support Systems
出版狀態Published - 2月 2020


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