A resident's behavior simulation model for nursing home healthcare services

Chih Yen Chiang, Steen J. Hsu, Chia Tai Chan*


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The design of elaborate healthcare services is becoming increasingly difficult in today's nursing home. In this work, we develop a model that simulates the nursing home residents' behavior to assist the facility planners in making fair and feasible management. Since a series of activities constituted one behavior, every activity is performed in a time interval and then starts next activity consequently. Whether the resident's activity posed at any particular state, its future behavior is always having the same occurrence probability regardless of how it positioned in that state. This simulation model used exponential distribution to produce the stochastic activity interval for each activity. The activity transitions can be formalized through a randomized probability with respect to each activity frequency (AF). In the simulation model, the characteristics of nursing home residents' activities can be generated to simulate a large scaled resident's behavior and aid the facility managers in providing higher quality of healthcare services.

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期刊Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2014


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