A quality-of-experience video adaptor for serving scalable video applications

Chia Ho Pan*, I. Hsien Lee, Sheng-Chieh Huang, Chung Jr Lian, Liang Gee Chen


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When transmitting video over a heterogeneous network, it is required to satisfy the different constraints due to the preferences and equipment selections of different users. Scalable video coding is one of the solutions to serve this problem. More than one video parameters include spatial frame size, temporal frame rate, and visual quality resolution are utilized to provide better scalability in scalable video coding scheme. It is difficult to find the relationship between the various video parameter settings and user preferences. In this paper, we propose a quality-of-experience video adaptor applied on scalable video applications. This adaptor adjusts video parameters for each user appropriately and achieves a better visual quality by using negligible computation. The simulated results show the accuracy of adaptation points can match the users preference from 78% to 93% by using proposed scheme. This solution provides not only a practical way in video adaptor design, but also an efficient scheme to achieve better subjective view.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
出版狀態Published - 8月 2007


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