A possibilistic decision logic with applications

C. J. Liau*, Duen-Ren Liu


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In this paper, we investigate a knowledge representation formalism in the context of fuzzy data tables. A possibilistic decision logic incorporating linguistic terms is proposed for representing and reasoning about knowledge in fuzzy data tables. Two applications based on the logic are described. The first is the extraction of fuzzy rules from general fuzzy data tables. In this application, the knowledge in the tables may be made explicit by the formulas of the logic or used implicitly in decision-making. The second is for the fuzzy quantization problem of precise data tables. It can be viewed as a special case of the first, however, due to some special properties of the problem, a polynomial time rule extraction process can be obtained. Finally, the relationship of the logic with some works for handling uncertain information in data tables is also discussed.

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期刊Fundamenta Informaticae
出版狀態Published - 1 5月 2001


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