A novel test flow for one-time-programming applications of NROM technology

Ching Yu Chin*, Yao Te Tsout, Chi Min Chang, Chia-Tso Chao


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    The NROM technology is an emerging non-volatilememory technology providing high data density with low fabrication cost. In this paper, we propose a novel test flow for the one-time-programming (OTP) applications using the NROM bit cells. Unlike the conventional test flow, the proposed flow applies the repair analysis in its package testing instead of in its wafer testing, and hence creates a chance for reusing the bit cells originally identified as a defect to represent the value in the OTP application. Thus, the proposed test flow can reduce the number of bit cells to be repaired and further improve the yield. Also, we propose an efficient and effective estimation scheme to predict the probability of a part being successfully repaired before packaged. This estimation can be used to determine whether a part should be packaged, such that the total profit of the proposed test flow can be optimized. A series ofexperiments are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness, efficiency, and feasibility ofthe proposed test flow.

    主出版物標題International Test Conference, ITC 2009 - Proceedings
    出版狀態Published - 15 12月 2009
    事件International Test Conference, ITC 2009 - Austin, TX, United States
    持續時間: 1 11月 20096 11月 2009


    名字Proceedings - International Test Conference


    ConferenceInternational Test Conference, ITC 2009
    國家/地區United States
    城市Austin, TX


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