A novel method for personalized music recommendation

Cheng Che Lu, Vincent Shin-Mu Tseng*


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With the development of digital music technologies, it is an interesting and useful issue to recommend the 'favored music' from large amounts of digital music. Some Web-based music stores can recommend popular music which has been rated by many people. However, three problems that need to be resolved in the current methods are: (a) how to recommend the 'favored music' which has not been rated by anyone, (b) how to avoid repeatedly recommending the 'disfavored music' for users, and (c) how to recommend more interesting music for users besides the ones users have been used to listen. To achieve these goals, we proposed a novel method called personalized hybrid music recommendation, which combines the content-based, collaboration-based and emotion-based methods by computing the weights of the methods according to users' interests. Furthermore, to evaluate the recommendation accuracy, we constructed a system that can recommend the music to users after mining users' logs on music listening records. By the feedback of the user's options, the proposed methods accommodate the variations of the users' musical interests and then promptly recommend the favored and more interesting music via consecutive recommendations. Experimental results show that the recommendation accuracy achieved by our method is as good as 90%. Hence, it is helpful for recommending the 'favored music' to users, provided that each music object is annotated with the related music emotions. The framework in this paper could serve as a useful basis for studies on music recommendation.

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期刊Expert Systems with Applications
出版狀態Published - 1 八月 2009


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