A novel dilute antimony channel In0.2Ga0.8AsSb/ GaAs HEMT

Ke Hua Su*, Wei Chou Hsu, Ching Sung Lee, Tsung Yeh Wu, Yue Han Wu, Li Chang, Ru Shang Hsiao, Jenn-Fang Chen, Wei Chi Chi


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This letter reports, for the first time, a high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) using a dilute antimony In0.2 Ga0.8AsSb channel, which is grown by a molecular-beam epitaxy system. The interfacial quality within the InGaAsSb/GaAs quantum well of the HEMT device was effectively improved by introducing the surfactantlike Sb atoms during the growth of the InGaAs layer. The improved heterostructural quality and electron transport properties have also been verified by various surface characterization techniques. In comparison, the proposed HEMT with (without) the incorporation of Sb atoms has demonstrated the maximum extrinsic transconductance gm,max of 227 (180) mS/mm, a drain saturation current density IDSS of 218 (170) mA/mm, a gate-voltage swing of 1.215 (1.15) V, a cutoff frequency fT of 25 (20.6) GHz, and the maximum oscillation frequency fmax of 28.3 (25.6) GHz at 300 K with gate dimensions of 1.2 × 200 μm2.

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期刊IEEE Electron Device Letters
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2007


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