A novel 25-nm modified Schottky-barrier FinFET with high performance

Bing-Yue Tsui*, Chia Pin Lin


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    High-performance modified Schottky barrier (MSB) FinFET with 25-nm channel length and fully silicided source/drain (S/D) is proposed for the first time. Using an implant-to-silicide technique, an ultrashort and defect-free S/D extension can be formed at temperature as low as 600°C. The MSB FinFET exhibits better current-voltage characteristics than those of published Schottky barrier devices and FinFETs. With 4-nm-thick gate oxide, the Ion/Ioff current ratio higher than 109 is achieved. The subthreshold swing of 25-nm and 49-nm MSB FinFETs is 83 and 64.5 mV/dec at room temperature. The advantage of low thermal budget relaxes the thermal stability issue for metal gate/high-k dielectric integration. It is believed that the proposed MSB FinFET would be a very promising nano device.

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    期刊IEEE Electron Device Letters
    出版狀態Published - 1 六月 2004


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