A networked peer assessment system based on a Vee heuristic

Chin Chung Tsai*, Eric Zhi Feng Liu, San-Ju Lin, Shyan-Ming Yuan


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This study implements a networked peer assessment system based on the use of a Vee heuristic. Using this system, students submit their homework (relating to designing science activities) via the underlying network facility. They then assess each other's homework by offering suggestions - again, through the network. Students then modify their original designs based on the suggestions that they receive. This procedure is repeated for two or three consecutive rounds. In this process, each student functions as an author, a reviewer, and an adapter. This learning model allows students to further develop their critical thinking skills. Preliminary peer assessment results revealed that the networked peer-assessment model and Vee heuristic facilitated pre-service science teachers to continuously progress when designing science activities.

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期刊Innovations in Education and Teaching International
出版狀態Published - 8月 2001


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