A MCGP decision aid for homebuyers to make the best choice

Ching Ter Chang*, Cheng-Yuan Ku, Hui Ping Ho, Chechen Liao


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This study adopts a new approach, the multi-choice goal programming (MCGP), to evaluate houses in order to help homebuyers to find better house based on the residential preferences. According to the function of MCGP,homebuyers can set multiple housing goals with multiple aspiration levels. This increases the flexibility to find a suitable house.Compared with other classical methods such as checklist and analytic hierarchy process, MCGP is more efficient, especially while considering a lot of housing criteria and house alternatives. In order to demonstrate the usefulness of MCGP decision aid for housing selection, a real case study is then provided. Furthermore, ten volunteers are invited to participate in the empirical experiment. The results also validate the effectiveness and efficiency of MCGP decision aid.

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期刊Quality and Quantity
出版狀態Published - 1 6月 2011


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