A macro model of silicon spiral inductor

C. Y. Su*, L. P. Chen, S. J. Chang, B. M. Tseng, D. C. Lin, G. W. Huang, Y. P. Ho, H. Y. Lee, J. F. Kuan, W. Y. Wen, P. Liou, C. L. Chen, L. Y. Leu, Kuei-Ann Wen, C. Y. Chang


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    A new automatic parameter extraction method for modeling of silicon spiral inductors is presented. The concepts on self-resonance frequency (f sr ) and quality factor of a spiral inductor are utilized to develop the concise extraction procedures. In the mean time, the presented extraction procedures are programmed as a macro to execute all the extractions automatically and shorten the extraction time effectively. Without any additional optimization or curve fitting, almost all the patterns of S-parameters between the measured and the simulation of extracted data implemented with the extraction macro are less than 5%. The programmed extraction macro makes it fast and accurate to extract and characterize the behaviors of silicon-based spiral inductors with different structures and substrate resistivities. It provides a concrete foundation for commercial silicon radiofrequency (RF) circuit design to realizing on-chip silicon RF integrated circuits. Furthermore, the directly extracted equivalent model parameters, without any optimization, also provide a rule to fairly, effectively and physically judge the performance of a spiral inductor.

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    期刊Solid-State Electronics
    出版狀態Published - 1 5月 2002


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