A cloud-based monitoring system for performance analysis in IoT industry

Yong Peng*, I. C. Wu


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As enterprise information systems grow in scale and computing resources remain limited, some computing system services run into occasional abnormalities such as degraded stability and the failure to respond in time. Fewer monitoring tools mean that system maintenance managers may not be notified when abnormal events occur. It becomes difficult to diagnose and manage the problems promptly, to decrease service interruptions and to fully grasp how computing resources are being utilized. Monitor systems that provide enterprise-wide services must perform better if they are to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, it is necessary for the system administrator to monitor the system. In this case study, we propose and develop a cloud-based monitor system that uses Java to run on the J2EE platform. We build a cloud-based performance analysis and monitoring mechanism whose system architecture has three components: a server resource performance monitor, an enterprise application systems monitor and an abnormal event notification system. The performance analysis and monitoring mechanisms are integrated and include an active diagnosis system and maintenance module to issue notifications when any system experiences abnormal operations. This results in an increase in enterprise system availability and effectively lowers the frequency of abnormal operations. System resource usage reports compiled from the data enable the optimal allocation of the enterprise’s limited computing resources. This monitoring system ensures high quality and lowers the operational cost of providing information services, enhancing the provider–customer relationship.

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期刊Journal of Supercomputing
出版狀態Published - 8月 2021


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