A buffer-aware HTTP live streaming approach for SDN-enabled 5G wireless networks

Chin Feng Lai, Ren Hung Hwang, Han Chieh Chao, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Atif Alamri

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With increasing interest in the concept of 5G wireless networks and the popularization of mobile devices, users gradually watch videos through mobile devices in streaming mode rather than off-line mode. However, the latency and lags of mobile networks will reduce the quality of service. In HTTP live streaming services, when there are multiple sources for the same content stored in the streaming servers, the suited quality content is able to be selected for playing according to the networking bandwidth conditions between servers and user equipment, and the users can obtain appropriate streaming quality automatically. However, the selection policy is difficult to be approved between 5G wireless communication networks and SDNs. In this study a buffer-aware HTTP live streaming approach is proposed, which evaluates the weights of media segments to decide the transmitting priorities based on the current playing time and adjust the appropriate transmission path through the decision making network controller according to the utilization and stability of the routers and switches in SDN. Finally, the experimental results proved that the approach is able to correct the overall streaming source sequence with the buffer status to effectively upgrade overall streaming service quality, as well as maintain a certain level of streaming quality for SDN-enable 5G wireless networks.

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期刊IEEE Network
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2015


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