A beamspace-time approach to CCI/ISI cancellation for sectored wireless communications

Chung Lien Ho*, Ta-Sung Lee


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A beamspace-time receiver is proposed for cochannel interference (CCI) suppression and channel equalization in a sectored wireless communication environment. The scheme involves two stages. First, a set of adaptive beamformers encompassing a prescribed sector is constructed on an antenna array, each providing effective suppression of out-of-sector CCI and increased reception of in-sector desired signals. Second, channel equalization is performed to eliminate the inter-symbol-interference (ISI) with a space-time joint processor operating on the output from the set of beamformers. By selecting a few receive beams in the sector, the dimension of the space-time data is greatly reduced, rendering advanced algorithms of channel equalization a feasible solution. Through simulation examples, it is shown that the proposed low complexity processor provides an effective joint suppression of ISI and CCI, and exhibits robustness against environmental variations.


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