A back-to-back micromirror device for optical add/drop multiplexer applications

Y. C. Lin, Jin-Chern Chiou*


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In this paper, a back-to-back micromirror device fabricated through surface-micromachining and flip chip packaging technologies is developed for optical add/drop multiplexer applications. Pre-stressed beams were designed to elevate micromirror devices after the release and thermal heat-treatment processes. Torsion flexure structure design provides a reliable rotation degree of freedom for micromirror devices. A mechanical stopper was bonded using flip chip packaging on the top of micromirror devices to constrain the popped-up micromirror to obtain precise deflecting angle. Preliminary experiments had demonstrated the feasibility of the micromirror devices.

頁(從 - 到)473-479
期刊Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
5116 II
出版狀態Published - 19 5月 2003
事件Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS - Maspalonas, Gran Canaria, Spain
持續時間: 19 5月 200321 5月 2003


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