2D C-tree spatial representation for iconic image

Fang Jung Hsu, Suh Yin Lee, Bao-Shuh Lin 

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The 2D string approaches provide a natural way of constructing iconic indexing for images. The 2D C-string representation with an efficient cutting mechanism is more characteristic of spatial knowledge and efficient in the representation of iconic images. However, the computation of object ranks in a 2D C-string might make the inference of spatial reasoning somewhat complicated. This shortcoming is overcome by the 2D C-tree representation. The 2D C-tree not only keeps the comprehensive spatial knowledge in the original 2D C-string, but also the ordered labeled tree is more suitable for spatial reasoning and image retrieval. The spatial knowledge can be derived directly from the inference rules embedded in the characteristic structure of the 2D C-tree representation.

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期刊Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 1999


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