General formulation of shift and delta operator based 2-D VLSI filter structures without global broadcast and incorporation of the symmetry

I. Hung Khoo*, Hari C. Reddy, Lan-Da Van, Chin Teng Lin

*Corresponding author for this work

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Having local data communication (without global broadcast of signals) among the elements is important in very large scale integration (VLSI) designs. Recently, 2-D systolic digital filter architectures were presented which eliminated the global broadcast of the input and output signals. In this paper a generalized formulation is presented that allows the derivation of various new 2-D VLSI filter structures, without global broadcast, using different 1-D filter sub-blocks and different interconnecting frameworks. The 1-D sub-blocks in z-domain are represented by general digital two-pair networks which consist of direct-form or lattice-type FIR filters in one of the frequency variables. Then, by applying the sub-blocks in various frameworks, 2-D structures realizing different transfer functions are easily obtained. As delta discrete-time operator based 1-D and 2-D digital filters (in γ -domain) were shown to offer better numerical accuracy and lower coefficient sensitivity in narrow-band filter designs when compared to the traditional shift-operator formulation we have covered both the conventional z-domain filters as well as delta discrete-time operator based filters. Structures realizing general 2-D IIR (both z- and γ -domains) and FIR transfer functions (z-domain only) are presented. As symmetry in the frequency response reduces the complexity of the design, IIR transfer functions with separable denominators, and transfer functions with quadrantal magnitude symmetry are also presented. The separable denominator frameworks are needed for quadrantal symmetry structures to guarantee BIBO stability and thus presented for both the operators. Some limitations of having exact symmetry with separable 1-D denominator factors are also discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)795-828
Number of pages34
JournalMultidimensional Systems and Signal Processing
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014


  • 2-D filters
  • Delta operator
  • Symmetry
  • VLSI


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