High performance low temperature and multi-function X-ray diffractometer

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重要規格: 1.可切換式光源 (Bragg Brentano/ Parallel Beam) 2.可切換式偵測器 (LYNXEYE XE-T 0D/1D) 3.超低溫樣品量測系統 (12 K – 300 K) 4.五軸可變樣品載台 (X, Y, Z, Chi, Phi) 5.單光器 (Monochromator: 2-bounce Ge(004)、2-bounce Ge(022)) 6.量測應用: 鏡面X射線反射率量測(X-ray reflectivity, XRR)、倒易空間圖譜量測(Reciprocal Space Map, RSM)、殘餘應力量測(Residual Stress)

服務項目: (1) 粉末樣品:廣角繞射(WAG). (2) 單晶樣品:廣角繞射(WAG)、Rocking Curve. (3) 薄膜樣品:廣角繞射(WAG)、低掠角薄膜繞射(GIXRD)、Rocking Curve (4)磊晶樣品: Rocking Curve、RSM、XRR (5) 塊材、薄膜樣品: Residual Stress


NameD8 Discover X-ray Diffraction System
Acquisition date1/07/13
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